Friday, June 17, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's Private Home Video

Adding to the ever-so-fierce battle, the highly sought after intimate honeymoon tape of Jennifer Lopez has allegedly been stolen.
According to RadarOnline, the multi-talented star's private home video was taken from the current holder of the film - the girlfriend of Jennifer's ex-husband (who is also featured in the clip), Ojani Noa.
As Claudia Vasquez has revealed, the co-executive producer of the project Ed Meyer allegedly took the data drive - which contains the much-talked about footage - from her property without her permission.
After Vasquez's lawyer penned a serious letter to Ed demanding the return the tape to J.Lo's attorney, Meyer quickly replied, "I will be in court this morning with the data drive...I'm going to ask that a retired judge be appointed by the Court to keep the videos instead of [Lopez's attorney] Jay Lavely."


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